Wind & Flood Mitigation

DSI, under contract to the Florida Association of Counties, developed a comprehensive wind mitigation training course for elected officials and their key staff. Such training has significant short and long term benefits. All county commissioners and other key county leadership need to be knowledgeable of all aspects of local wind mitigation projects and measures, thus empowering them to implement such measures in their counties. There are many facets to implementing a successful wind mitigation program, and many programs available to help local governments do so. This course is designed to educate those in attendance on all aspects of wind mitigation.

The longer-term benefit is this project has the potential to affect thousands of Floridians through their elected leadership over time. This course is available to be given many more times in the future, resulting in a long term benefit for the citizens of the State of Florida. It will also benefit county infrastructure by theoretically reducing the future wind-related damages to buildings, critical infrastructure/key resources (CIKR), and reduce the wind related impacts on the residents.

Flood Mitigation includes any activity, be it physical improvements, or plan development, that can mitigate the destructive impacts of flooding. DSI has developed a flood mitigation course that identifies the various methods to mitigate against floods, and most importantly, to secure needed funding for flood mitigation projects. This effort has been validated through the Florida Division of Emergency Management, and the Florida Association of Counties.