Training/Exercise Manager and Meteorologist

Contact: terry@dsideas.com 


Terry L. Schenk is a nationally Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) and is also a meteorologist. He has worked in the emergency services field for over 35 years and currently works as a homeland security and disaster response consultant. He was formerly the Fire Chief for Seminole County, Florida, served as a charter member of the Governor’s Domestic Security Oversight Council, and was selected as Florida’s “Fire Chief of the Year” in 2003. 

Mr. Schenk holds a B.A. in Public Administration and a M.S. in Emergency Management. He serves as an Adjunct Professor of Emergency Management and has served as the Exercise Director for a wide range of emergency services exercises, which have included such topics as mass casualty, active shooter, tornado, hurricane, and medical surge. 

He has responded to a number of national disaster situations including Hurricane Hugo in South Carolina, Hurricane Andrew in Florida, Hurricane Katrina, and numerous wildfire incidents in the Western U.S. Most recently, he served as the Deputy Emergency Coordinating Officer for ESF 8 in the State of Florida EOC during Hurricane Isaac and served on the Florida Department of Health’s State medical planning team for the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida. Mr. Schenk has made presentations at a number of emergency services conferences including the National Hurricane Conference, the International Association of Fire Chiefs conference, the Florida Emergency Preparedness Association conference, and the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response conference in Washington, D.C.