Madison County MCI Exercise

On March 22, 2017 DSI conducted a Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) full scale exercise for Madison County, Florida.  The exercise included participants from Madison County Emergency Management, EMS, fire rescue, law enforcement, Air Life, Florida Department of Health, Madison County Memorial Hospital, Madison County School Board and several Volunteer Fire Departments. 

For this exercise, a simulated incident was created to assess the ability of the local responders to provide effective medical care including triage, treatment, and transportation of patients.  Using the scenario of an EF 3 tornado quickly shifting, leaving a bus overturned and a trapped motorist in a second vehicle, the exercise was able to provide the agencies with a realistic environment.  Requiring patient extrication, scene security and medical helicopter operations, the exercise presented an opportunity for response personnel to establish and maintain multi-agency communications, coordination, and effectiveness through an Incident Command System (ICS).  Additionally, the exercise provided practice for developing an Alternate Care Site (ACS) where response personnel transported “minor” or green tagged patients to the site.  This also gave the response personnel the chance to identify the processes and logistics that are needed to operate the ACS. 

Following the exercise, DSI will be submitting an After-Action Report and Improvement Plan containing an analysis of core capabilities and how participants performed during the exercise.  By reviewing these documents, Madison County will be able to improve in the necessary areas and ensure excellent future responses.

Reflecting on the event, DSI Exercise Director Terry Schenk said,

"In the world we live in, a normal day can turn disastrous in a matter of just minutes.  Training and exercising, on the part of emergency response agencies, can help communities prepare for such unexpected situations.  This exercise provided Madison County an opportunity to do just that; practice for real emergencies for when they come.”

Gloria Perryman