Statewide FDOT Training

ORLANDO, FL - DSI announced today the successful completion of an important training program for the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT).  Although the State of Florida is already into the 2016 Hurricane Season, preparation never ceases at FDOT.  On July 20th and 21th, over 50 FDOT District Emergency Coordinating Officers, Deputy Emergency Coordinating Officers, Maintenance Managers and other staff participated in detailed FEMA Public Assistance Program training at the FDOT Florida Turnpike Headquarters facility (on site and via videoconference).  Also in attendance were Public Assistance personnel from the Florida Division of Emergency Management.  DSI subject matter experts Darryl Cox, Jeanne Devlin, and Joyce Watters delivered two- half day training sessions covering the entire FEMA recovery process from the onset of a disaster incident through the formulation, maintenance, and closeout of FEMA funded recovery projects.
The training focused on the critical actions necessary to maximize eligible federal funding  through a clear understanding of PA grant management requirements, reduction in errors and incomplete information necessary to the formulation of the project worksheet, identification and elimination of duplication of effort, and the importance of documentation and retention of records throughout the life-cycle of the PA project beginning with damage assessment.   DSI staff guided attendees through a review of FDOT District and Central Office roles and responsibilities. 
Of particular importance was an overview of changes in FEMA’s Debris Management process requirements.  The Debris Management process has evolved based on lessons learned during disaster recovery operations such as Hurricanes Andrew,  Katrina, Sandy, and Florida’s 2004 season, and the massive 2010 Tornado outbreak.  Another major goal of the training was to enhance the integration of response and recovery operations between the Districts with the FDOT Central Office.
In announcing the successful completion of this training, DSI Recovery Manager Darryl Cox said,

“It was great to be a part of FDOT’s continued efforts to train their staff on maximizing funding through the FEMA Public Assistance program. We had great discussions and were able to answer many very specific questions on FEMA policy changes and how they affect the Department. I’m looking forward to our future workshops with each District to further develop their Response and Recovery procedures. I’m very proud of the partnership DSI and FDOT are building.”


Gloria Perryman