Former NEMA President David Maxwell Joins DSI Team

TALLAHASSEE, FL - DSI CEO Joe Myers announced today that the company has entered into a business relationship with recently retired Arkansas Emergency Management Director David Maxwell.  Mr. Maxwell will represent DSI nationally in the pursuit of Emergency Management and Homeland Security opportunities at the local, state and federal levels.  Mr. Maxwell was Director of the Arkansas Division of Emergency Management for 10 years (2006 - 2016) and began his emergency management career at that agency in 1978.  Mr. Maxwell has long been a national leader in the advancement of emergency management and served as President of the National Emergency Management Association (NEMA) in 2009 - 2010. 

In announcing this appointment, Mr. Myers said, “We are extremely honored to have Dave join the DSI team.  He brings a wealth of knowledge and innovation in all facets of the business and his leadership credentials are exemplary.  There is no one more respected nationally that David Maxwell.” In additional to business pursuit, Mr. Maxwell will also serve as a consultant to DSI on various preparedness, response and recovery projects—including assessments of EM operations and the development of plans, procedures and protocols to improve effectiveness.

Responding to this appointment, Mr. Maxwell said, “I am excited to have the opportunity to work with Joe Myers, one of my emergency management heroes, and the DIS team. ”

Gloria Perryman