DSI Participates in Full Scale Homeland Security Drill at Florida’s Port Everglades

PORT EVERGLADES, FL - DSI, working with another consulting firm, delivered a very large, full scale exercise for multiple agencies associated with the major facilities of Port Everglades.  The goal of this exercise was to test the Port's and emergency response agencies including local, state and federal mutual aid agreements.   The major scenario was an active shooter, hazardous materials and hostage takeover exercises at Port Everglades and at Hollywood-Fort Lauderdale International Airport. Alert and Notification processes and procedures and the Broward County Terrorism Response Plan Annex were tested. The exercise evaluated emergency responders' ability to respond to a WMD scenario including establishing an incident/unified command, agent identification, staging area and containment of the incident. The exercise included an array of local, state and federal law enforcement and other first responders.  A total of over 150 individuals participated in this innovative and practical drill.  DSI was extremely pleased with the outstanding feedback and evaluation from our clients for this event.

Gloria Perryman