The Year 2015 Concludes Successfully for DSI

TALLAHASSEE, FL -  DSI has reported that despite the lack of a significant disaster in any of the three states it primarily serves, the company remained busy throughout 2015. Even during the hectic holiday season to end the year, we continued to assist clients with their training and preparedness efforts. This included the completion of successful LMS updates for both Washington and Holmes Counties, and the conduct of another of our well-received Infectious Disease Control Seminars for the Florida Department of Health in Volusia County.

After securing a competitive solicitation, DSI also developed, in conjunction with Gulf County Emergency Management, a thorough seminar on Disaster Response and Recovery Training for EOC Staff. A multi-day presentation delivered by DSI staff was led by Frank Koutnik, former Recovery Director for the State of Florida and included presentations by Kevin Adkison, former FDEM Deputy Public Assistance Officer, and Tony Ettore, former FDEM General Counsel. Linda Berry, DSI President, was quite pleased with the content and thoroughness of this DSI effort and said “This is the kind of training that all local governments should provide for their employees. With the background provided in this training seminar, any jurisdiction will increase the proficiency and success of their response and recovery from a disaster.”

Gloria Perryman