DSI Conducts Communications Blackout Exercise for Dixie County

CROSS CITY, FL -  On Florida’s Big Bend, which is prone to storms and flooding, Dixie County takes great efforts to be prepared for disasters. Their recognition of the value of preparedness led to a procurement for a contractor to conduct a Communications Blackout Exercise. DSI secured the competitive solicitation and worked with the Dixie County Planning Team to create a realistic scenario where all normal communications channels were unavailable. This tabletop exercise, involving many county officials and administrators, enabled the identification and discussion of the actual gaps and needs that would be created in such an event. After the exercise, DSI’s Exercise Facilitator, Capt. Terry Schenk, said “Dixie County may be a rural county, but their conduct of a Communications Blackout Tabletop Exercise, shows their commitment to preparedness. It seems that the exercise today led to the productive discussion of communications tactics and strategies for the County moving forward.”

Gloria Perryman