Continued Success of DSI’s Preparedness Programs Reported

TALLAHASSEE, FL President of DSI Linda Berry today reported on the outstanding success of DSI during the period July through December 2014.  For this period, Ms. Berry reported the following major accomplishments:

  • Holmes County, Fla Emergency Management Agency -  DSI’s Chief of Preparedness, Frank Koutnik, worked with County management and staff to update the entire inventory of Emergency Management Plans.  This allows the County to be among the top tier in Florida in terms of updated, relevant and meaningful plans.
  • Florida Division of Emergency Management Strategic & Business Plan -  A team of DSI planning professionals worked with the management and key staff members of FDEM to develop a practical and complete business plan for the entire agency.  This effort involved a number of workshops with all bureaus and sections to identify promising strategies and actions to be taken to achieve organizational goals.  With the delivery of this Business Plan, the connection was made between statutory mandates, strategic goals and operational objectives.
  • Florida Division of Emergency Management Evaluation of Governor’s Hurricane Exercise -  For the fourth year in a row, DSI was entrusted by FDEM to provide a cadre of professional evaluators for the 2014 Governor’s Hurricane Exercise.   This exercise was attended by several hundred individuals from around the state, from all disciplines that are involved in disaster response and recovery.
  • Washington County, FL -  DSI staff worked with county officials to update their Continuity of Operations Plan and their entire Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEM). 

Gloria Perryman