DSI Reports Preparedness Services Accomplishments for Q2 2014

TALLAHASSEE, FL DSI reported today that its Emergency Preparedness Division continued to support Florida agencies during the period April through June 2014, delivering innovative training and exercises in several key locations. 

These accomplishments included:

  • Walton County Sheriff’s Office — A Full Scale Exercise of the Walton County Emergency Management Agency (and other agencies’) ability to respond and recovery from a major train derailment incident.  The exercise was attended by all local disciplines/first responders and several state agencies.
  • Gulf County Emergency Management — DSI conducted a full scale Active Shooter Exercise involving school officials, Fire/EMS, police, and other first responders and local officials.  The exercise was conducted at the Gulf County High School and included major participation from students, teachers and other school officials.  A focus of this exercise was on the roles/responsibilities of the school based personnel as well as the tactical law enforcement response.
  • Florida Association of Counties (FAC) — At the request of FAC, DSI provided regional Wind Mitigation and Flooding resource training to locally-elected county officials in all regions of Florida.  Overall, this instruction touched hundreds of local officials anxious to learn about the potential impact of major disasters in Florida.  This project was funded through the Bureau of Mitigation of the FDEM.
  • Florida Department of Health — Responding to the FDOH’s desire to be better prepared, DSI conducted regional training exercises with key medical and health professionals statewide.  The focus of this exercise was the identification and operation of Alternative Care Sites that would be necessary in the event of a future disaster.  These exercises were met with excellent reviews from the professionals in attendance.

Gloria Perryman