DSI Sponsors NEMA Past Presidents Dinner

ALEXANDRIA, VA - For the past several years, DSI, LLC has sponsored the National Emergency Management Association's (NEMA) Past Presidents reception and dinner. NEMA maintain close contact with all Past Presidents because of their knowledge, and ability to share with incoming state directors their "lessons learned".  

To show their appreciation, from left to right Jim Mullen, recently retired SEMA Director of Washington; (standing), Jim Green, Former Montana EMA Director; Nancy Dragani, Director of Ohio EMA; Glen Woodbury, former director of Washington EMA, and currently with the Naval Post Graduate Acadamy in Monterey California; (sitting); and David Maxwell, Director of Arkansas EMA, are holding a sign saying "Thank You Joe, Wish You Were Here".

Joe Myers, Co-Founder of DSI, LLC is the former director of North Carolina and Florida Emergency Management Agencies, and twice elected as President of NEMA. DSI is proud to maintain strong ties with NEMA through the support of the Past Presidents dinner and reception.

Gloria Perryman