Nuclear Disaster

DSI has a full range of Subject Matter Experts who have developed and conducted Weapons of Mass Destruction/Hazardous Materials exercises in many jurisdictions. DSI was the prime contractor to the Florida Division of Emergency Management to develop a statewide exercise involving an improvised nuclear device being detonated in the Tampa area. All aspects of detection, monitoring, establishing a safety perimeter and disposal of contaminants was played.

DSI has also worked with smaller jurisdictions on several transportation accidents involving hazardous materials. Smaller communities that have very limited...or no hazmat response capabilities are especially vulnerable to such incidents. If they occur, with or without hazmat response capabilities, the incident must be dealt with. DSI has developed realistic scenarios to evaluate each jurisdiction's capabilities to secure the requisite mutual aid resources needed for the event.

DSI has a full range of WMD/HAZMAT exercises that can be tailored to the specific needs of any jurisdiction.