Linda Berry is proficient in FEMA Technical Assistance, facility relocation, debris management, the recovery process and contract implementation. She plays a key role in soliciting companies by providing strategies and ideas to form Business Alliances and relationships. 

Prior to Ms. Berry joining DSI, she served as the Assistant to the Director of the Division of Emergency Management, Florida Department of Community Affairs. Ms. Berry held this position for several years, working closely with senior government officials, revising and implementing various policy initiatives relating to FEMA eligibility and reimbursement. Ms. Berry has been involved in numerous disasters, including Hurricanes Charley, Frances, Jeanne, Ivan, Georges, Floyd, Lili, Isodore, Katrina, and the Florida Fires. She was intimately involved in the first Florida Needs Assessment, the first Federal/State Drought meetings and many other State/Federal hosted issues. Before returning to the State of Florida, Ms. Berry served as the Senior Coordinator for the County Commissioner of Harris County, Houston, Texas.

Ms. Berry’s additional planning experience includes the re-writes of the current Comprehensive Emergency Management Plans (CEMPs) to meet the new Department of Homeland Security (DHS) National Response Plan (NRP) and National Incident Management System compliance. She also writes and develops Standard Operating Guides (SOGs), Terrorism Annexes, and other Operating Procedures for local and state government in Florida. 

In addition to planning, Ms. Berry has extensive training and exercise experience. In 2004, during the Governor’s Executive Level Table Top Exercise, Ms. Berry was a member of the Design Team, and served as the liaison for the State of Florida Division of Emergency Management. With DSI as the lead for the 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008 Exercises, Ms. Berry was/is the liaison to the Exercise Director and coordinated the design, production, logistics, and administrative aspects of the exercise. Ms. Berry has served as an Instructor and Facilitator, and has been responsible for the design and development for multiple local and State Government training and Tabletop Exercises