Recovery Specialist



Lauren has worked in the emergency management field for three years, beginning as a project planning specialist, assisting project management staff in the development, documentation and processing of FEMA Public Assistance projects for a variety of state and local entities.   For the past two years, she has worked as a Recovery Specialist with full responsibility for project management and liaison with sub-grantees—both large and small.  Overall, she has worked on 12 Presidentially – declared disaster events (including previous events) and focuses on project development, scope changes, interim & final inspections and final reconciliation and closeout. Lauren, who holds 12 relevant FEMA certifications, has a passion for quality work and achieving maximize benefit for her sub-grantees.  Her emphasis on mainly been on infrastructure projects (categories C-G), but she also has significant experience in Protective Measures projects (category B).  Prior to the entering the field of emergency management, Lauren was a professional Office Manager in the real estate industry.  She also brings to DSI experience in large procurements, logistics, and finance and accounting (in the medical field).