Recovery Coordinator



Joe has worked in the emergency management field for eight years, beginning in 2008 as a  member of the Florida Department of Emergency Management.  During this time, Joe has worked on eighteen Presidentially-declared disaster events.  He joined the State of Florida in June of 2008 as a Financial Specialist and was promoted to Planner IV in November of 2008.  In September of 2009 he was promoted to Planning Manager and made the administrator of the system.  Joe then joined DSI in December 2011 as Public Assistance Manager in Orlando and currently is completing closeouts and QA/QC reviews for projects submitted to the State of Florida.  Since 2011 Joe has worked on over 2100 FEMA PA projects.

Prior to entering the emergency management field, Joe worked in management positions in the banking industry for 15 years and then worked in the mortgage banking industry for about 16 years.