Health & Medical

DSI has several Associates with a public health background, to include a doctor, epidemiologist, LPNs, former EMTs, former Emergency Coordinating Officer for the Florida Department of Health, and many others. Given this wide array of professional public health credentials, DSI has been able to provide several training and educational courses on:

  • Use of Alternate Care Facilities
  • Medical Surge (patient and staff) planning
  • Mass casualty incidents
  • Public health issues in shelters
  • Chemical contamination 
  • Contagious Disease (H1N1 Pandemic, Ebola, others)

DSI can provide a full complement of trained associates with extensive backgrounds in public health to perform the tasks you may need completed. DSI has developed and conducted many health related exercises. These include:

  • Anthrax Outbreaks
  • Alternate Care Sites
  • Contagious disease outbreaks
  • Healthcare workforce surge
  • Healthcare facility-evacuation decision-making
  • ESF 8 Operations

Some of these events were statewide exercises involving the Federal, State, Regional, and local jurisdictions. These exercises often result in an overwhelming realization of how prepared in advance a jurisdiction needs to be in order to manage one of these events.