Emergency Management Operations

DSI has presented training sessions for local government of how to run, and/or how to improve the management of a local emergency operations center. Many counties have received funds to construct new or improved EOCs, but have not trained their stakeholder partners on how an EOC is run. DSI has developed a training session on EOC Management, using the principles of ICS and Emergency Support Functions (ESF). Topics of the course include EOC activation, activation roster development, message flow within the EOC, securing mutual aid through proper channels, chain of command, and more.

Ensuring your ICS/ESF staff are aware of how their EOC operates is critical if you are going to be successful in managing your disaster. DSI can assist you in every aspect of getting your key stakeholder staff well trained on your EOC management. 

If you find you have many untrained staff who would man your EOC, please contact DSI.