Disaster Recovery

DSI is one of the nation’s leading Public Assistance consulting companies. Our focus is on obtaining maximum recovery funding for the grantee and subgrantee; high quality work product; measurable performance; low administrative costs; maximum use of Direct Administrative Cost funding; and expedited closeout of projects.


Public Assistance Program Management

DSI’s Public Assistance Program Section currently has dozens of Public Assistance Consultants (PACS). In addition, DSI has access to hundreds of additional qualified PACs, should the need arise.

Our Public Assistance operating goals are to:

  • Prepare, manage, and close all Project Worksheets (PW’s) within the timelines outlined by the client
  • Use a performance- based management infrastructure capable of efficiently and effectively managing all pre-existing PW’s and absorbing the demands created by future catastrophic events
  • Ensure that customer service is a priority in all actions and interactions which affect the jurisdiction throughout the entirety of the contract period.

Recovery Management

DSI is the emergency management contractor for both the Florida Division of Emergency Management and the Florida Department of Transportation. Given that Florida is struck by more hurricanes than any other state, these contracts place great responsibility upon DSI to be prepared to assist the State’s recovery from even the largest disaster…or a series of them. DSI’s focus is to maximize the recovery dollars available to rebuild from the disaster. We keep this focus as we also strive to be the low-cost provider of recovery services in the nation. We do this by using all-inclusive hourly rates that are lower than most of our competitor’s unburdened rates while employing the finest professionals in the business.

In addition, DSI has become an expert on the use of Direct Administrative Costs, meaning that the cost of bringing DSI to manage your recovery process will mostly be reimbursed by FEMA.

DSI can perform the following Recovery Functions:

  • Conduct Individual Assistance, Public Assistance, and Business damage assessments;
  • Manage the Public Assistance Program from the conduct of Preliminary Damage Assessments, Project Worksheet Preparation, Grants Management, completing Interim and Final Inspections, and Final Grant Closeout
  • Manage the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program

Hazard Mitigation Grant Program

After each declared disaster, your jurisdiction may receive an additional award under the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) to fund local projects designed to minimize the impacts of future disasters on your jurisdiction. Such projects are normally located in the County Local Mitigation Strategy.

Although the HMGP is a beneficial program, it takes knowledgeable people to manage it, and maximize the amount of funds and projects for which it can be utilized in your jurisdiction. DSI can provide any level of HMGP program management, from the initial submission of your HMGP Management Plan through to final close out of your HMGP projects. DSI has expertise in the HMGP Program, and can assist at any level of participation you deem appropriate.