Chief Technology Officer

Contact: dpoore@dsideas.com


David Poore has over 30 years experience in IT with experience in technical, policy, and leadership roles in government and private industry. Mr. Poore's career started in large University computing environments in technical and design roles, with an emphasis on network and systems design and engineering. After moving to the private sector Mr. Poore specialized in the design and implementation of large scale computing environments for scientific and business computing. Mr. Poore worked in Europe for global corporations, such as Philips, IBM, and Canon for 16 years, and has extensive experience in building teams in complex cultural environments involving multiple languages, national and trans-national regulations. In addition to the technical aspects of IT work, Mr. Poore is skilled in policy development and enforcement necessary to ensure continuity of service

Mr. Poore is currently specialized in IT leadership, with a focus on highly-available IT infrastructure, ensuring business continuity in the face of natural disasters and human induced service disruptions, and IT Security management.