Public Assistance Coordinator/Senior Planner

Contact: dcrisp@dsideas.com


David Crisp is a planning and information professional with 38 years of experience in the Emergency Management discipline. Mr. Crisp has functioned as Planning and Information Section Chief with the North Carolina Division of Emergency Management where he managed program responsibilities that included; the development and maintenance of the State Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP), review and approval of county CEMPs, remodeling of the State Emergency Operations Center (EOC), the establishment of the Division’s first Information Technology Unit and enhanced use of technologies (response management, resource support, and map based information support) in the State EOC, implementation of SARA/Title III Hazardous Materials program, Radiological Emergency Preparedness program, Hurricane Evacuation Studies and preparation, implementation of the Integrated Flood Observing and Warning, and . While with the Florida Division of Emergency Management, David functioned as Planning Section Chief with similar responsibilities as in N.C. such as; the development and maintenance of the State Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP), review and approval of county CEMPs, enhanced use of technologies in the State EOC, Training and Exercise program, the initial EMAP Certification, Hurricane Evacuation Studies and preparation, and Radiological Emergency Preparedness program, and post 911 Homeland Security program development. Mr. Crisp was a certified Level 3 Planning Section Chief with the Federal Emergency Management Agency. In addition to operational responsibilities, Mr. Crisp was part of the team that developed Regional Support Plans for Region IV State, New Madrid Earthquake Plan, and the Region IV procedure in support of the evacuation of New Orleans.

He has a proven ability to successfully analyze and assess EOC and Field Operations including the development of supporting budgets and time line formulation. During his tenure with the States of North Carolina and Florida he implemented or modified the Emergency Support Function and Incident Management Systems concepts into EOC operations. Mr. Crisp has also been part of Active Shooter training and exercises in norther Florida over the past three years. Throughout his career, Mr. Crisp has worked large scale disasters such as large scale Flooding in Western North Carolina (1977), Hurricane Hugo (1989), Hurricane Andrew (1992), Hurricanes Bertha and Fran (1996), Florida Fires (1998 and 1999), back-to- back Hurricanes Charlie, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne (2004), Atlanta and North Georgia Floods 2009, and Catastrophic Tornadoes of 2011.