Comprehensive Emergency Management Plans (CEMP)

DSI has developed and updated CEMPs for dozens of clients. We have two options for plan development. The first option available is a web based plan developed by DSI and BOLD Planning Solutions. Users of this e-plan option can update their CEMP from any internet location around the world at any time. The plan template allows for complete jurisdictional individualization. In Florida, the end product will meet the Florida Division of Emergency Management's review and approval criteria, and we have found that such is the case in almost every state that we serve.

The second option is a traditional approach to CEMP development. At this point, most jurisdictions have an existing CEMP and the need is for it to be updated. DSI can review and analyze your existing plan and provide any necessary updates or revisions to ensure NIMS compliance. This option allows our clients to maintain their current format if that is desired.