DSI has provided numerous training sessions, and educated hundreds of local and state first responders on Continuity of Operations Planning, and Continuity of Government procedures. DSI and BOLD Planning Solutions have jointly developed a state of the art COOP/COG planning software that walks each user through the COOP/COG planning process. Providing the necessary training on how to develop and use a COOP or COG plan is a vital capability DSI has.

Each training course discusses the following key elements of any COOP operation:

  • Identification of Essential Functions
  • Identification of Primary and Alternate Facilities
  • Ensuring the safety of vital records and resources
  • Identification of COOP Teams and Responsibilities
  • Delegation of Authorities
  • Communications

DSI and its Associate Members can provide any level of training and education you will need in order to ensure your jurisdiction is ready to implement a COOP or COG operation. Successful plan development and training now will prevent major problems later.