Recovery Specialist



Charlcie has worked in the emergency management field for over four years, beginning in 2012 as a Grant Specialist Planner.  During this time Charlcie worked to verify back up documentation of project worksheets for Categories A through G. She also has extensive experience with uploading and directly inputting project worksheets into EMMIE.  From 2014 – 2015 Charlcie worked as a public assistance specialist for DR 4177. She was involved with grant writing, documentation and process analysis, as well as reconciliation of invoices between municipalities and vendors.  She acted as a liaison between local, state, sub-grantees and vendors for reconciliation processes and processing disaster relief funding. During this disaster Charlcie wrote over $15 million worth of projects.   From July 2015 – March 2016 Charlcie acted as a category Z specialist, writing over 30 CATZ projects. Charlcie is currently a closeout specialist where she has closed out over $10 million worth of projects.  Charlcie also holds 13 relevant FEMA certifications.