Recovery Coordinator



Bob has worked in the emergency management field for over 7 years, beginning as a member of Florida Division of Emergency Management and is currently serving as a Public Assistance Program Crew Leader in North West Florida. Bob served 20 years in the United States Air Force, then 8 years as a Project Manager for FDOT assets in 3 counties. He was hired by Florida Division of Emergency Management in 2009 until it was outsourced, then was hired by FEMA as a DAE deployed for DR 4061, and eventually a Reservist until 2012 when hired by DSI. During this time, Bob has worked on eight Presidentially declared disasters events and is experienced in all phases of Public Assistance Recovery—from damage assessments; to project development; to interim & final inspections and closeouts.  Bob has personally worked on over 300 large FEMA PA projects with an estimated value exceeding $57 million.  He has significant experience in the area of disaster debris (Category A) and all infrastructure projects (Categories C-G).  In the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan, Bob was the Project Superintendent of the team that developed and managed FDOT assets in 3 counties under the Federal High Way Administration program to include debris management and infrastructure(bridge and road) repairs.  Bob takes special pride in aggressively pursuing every eligible dollar that is available for jurisdictions impacted by disasters.  Internally, Bob is highly experienced user of the Florida system and trains applicants of this critical system.  Bob has also served as a PA Program trainer/presenter for impacted agencies across Florida, Virginia, and West Virginia (routinely conducting Applicant Briefings). During DR 4177 Bob worked directly with the FEMA FCO and Infrastructure Manager at the JFO and he holds 25 relevant FEMA certifications. 

Prior to entering the field of emergency management, Bob worked for a large international asset management corporation as a Project Superintendent/Manager and is certified in Road and Bridge maintenance.