All Hazards Response & Recovery Training Program

DSI specializes in All Hazards Training and Education opportunities. DSI Associates have taught classes on public health, specifically on the use of Alternative Care Sites, EOC Activation, Public Assistance Program, Legal Aspects in Emergency Management, and many more.

In addition to this, DSI has developed and presented courses on all phases of recovery management from the initial damage assessment process to final project worksheet grant closeout. This covers a vast array of topics and issues associated with the Public Assistance Program.

DSI has the capability to develop and present courses on virtually any course related to emergency management or homeland security. This includes all of the ICS series (100 - 800), NIMS, Public Information Officer training, and much more. DSI recently developed a training program for using mobile command include all equipment use and vehicle set up.

DSI's approach to conducting exercises is the full participation in a real life situation of the key stakeholders who would be involved in an actual event. Although simulations are often necessary, DSI prefers to keep exercises as realistic as possible to give the participants a full appreciation of the requirements that would be placed on them in a future event.